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Supremacy Domains wants you to have a premium quality domain name that is best for your particular needs. That is why we offer the services that are listed below in addition to the premium domain names that we offer for purchase. Whether you buy your domain name from us or get one somewhere else, we want you to get a great domain.

Broker Services

If we do not have a domain name that fits the needs or wants for you and your use then we can help you acquire the right domain name for you with our domain broker service.

We will help you find an appropriate domain name to fit your needs that is available to purchase for you, negotiate a purchase for a domain name that you are interested in buying or do both for you.

We will help to negotiate a price for a domain with its current owner on your behalf to help you get the domain that you are interested in and at a price that fits your requirements.

Key features of our broker service

  • A fixed fee with no additional add-on fees such as commission fees. You pay just a simple low priced fee and that is it. Our domain broker fees start at just $49 USD.

  • We will negotiate for you for up to 30 days without any additional fees by email, phone or both as is needed to help you get the domain that you are interested in.

  • We will help to guide you through a safe and secure domain purchase using a third-party escrow service to ensure that your domain purchase goes safe and smooth.

  • We will provide complete discretion for you if needed, to ensure that your purchase remains anonymous. This can often be helpful, especially if you are a large business.

  • We will help to give you guidance to help you decide on a budget, an appropriate domain name, steps to take before, during and after a purchase as well as any other needed help based on your particular needs.

Domain Research

If you are thinking about buying a domain name that is not one of ours then you must be sure to do the appropriate research to make sure that the domain does not have a bad history which can affect its potential future success.

We will do an extensive background check as well as other research to ensure that any domain name you may be interested in does not have any potentially harmful issues including possible trademark issues, previous spam uses, previous adult, drug or illegal uses as well as anything else that may potentially harm it's future use.

Key features of our domain research service

  • Trademark research to ensure that you may not run into legal issues with using a particular domain.

  • Spam background research to make sure that a domain was not previously used for spam purposes that have gotten it listed as a spam domain which can be harmful to its future.

  • Previous usage research so that you will know what the domain has been used for in it's past to ensure that it will not have a potential negative impact on your intended use.

  • Previous sale/purchases for a given domain name and their prices if applicable.

  • Miscellaneous research that is based on your particular needs and requirements to help to ensure a domain name is what you may need and/or want.

Domain Appraisals

It is often hard to determine what any particular domain name may be worth, especially if you do not know the key factors in determining the value of a domain. We can help you by providing a professional domain name appraisal so that you may know what any particular domain may be worth.

We have staff members with many years of domain name buying, selling and appraisals and that experience can help to give you an accurate appraisal based on all that experience.

Key features of our domain appraisal service

  • An accurate domain appraisal based on up-to-date data from recent sales and purchases of similar domain names.

  • All appraisals are based on several important factors so that they are the most accurate that is possible.

  • We will do all needed market research that is needed to properly find the most accurate appraisal possible without any time limits.

  • Most appraisals are done within 2-3 days and delivered to you as soon as the appraisal is completed.

Miscellaneous Assistance

Should you be in need of any service or assistance with any other domain name related matter that is not listed above we will be happy to help in any way that is possible. Most of the time if you need any information or assistance that does not require a dedicated time allotment and efforts of our staff we will be happy to help Free of charge.

If there is something that is needed that is outside the scope of our Free assistance then we have the lowest rates available in the domain industry. If there is something that you need assistance with then please feel free to contact us and let us know what you need and we will be happy to let you know what we can do to help you.

We want to help you get the right domain name for your needs whether or not you purchase a domain name from us or not.

Contact us about any of our available services (HERE) and we will be happy to help.